Since mid-’60s, Thomas Bayrle has been creating, manually and through the use of the modest means, such as drawing and collage, complex visual and graphic patterns denominated “Superstructures”: images of strong, almost hypnotic and dizzying visual impact which he constructed through the process of obsessive repetition of motives taken from the popular and commercial visual vocabulary. Very involving and seductive, on closer look, his works not only reveal a strong sense of humour, but also deep involvement in political and social problems. As a witness of frenetic post-war economic boom in the West, of absurdity of the Cold and Vietnam Wars, or of bitter disillusion with leftist ideologies, since the mid-’60s Bayrle has been depicting the contemporary world by underlining its most common, and at the same time, its most insane features: overproduction, overconsumption, overpollution, overpopulation, overexploitation.
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