Joy is the number one dishwashing brand in Philippines. The communication objective behind Campaign & Grey’s print ads for this Procter & Gamble product was twofold: to try to break people’s habits of using laundry bars on plates; and to remind them that Joy is the best soap for greasy cooking utensils.

Each series consists of a visual metaphor: Since a large number of households do not use “dishwashing” products to clean dishware, and instead use cut-up laundry bars for washing dishes, the first was to make consumers realize the absurdity of treating plates like laundry. The second represents greasy dishes with digitally-assembled knives, pots and pans to depict the greasy foods that adhere to them in fighting form.

Headlines (from top):
100% Alumium. Huwag Laghan. Gamitan Ng Joy. (Don’t hand wash. Use Joy.)
100% Melanine. Huwag Laghan. Gamitan Ng Joy. (Don’t hand wash. Use Joy.)
Para sa napakalansang sebo (For the fishiest-smelling grease.)
Para sa napakabagsik na sebo (For the clingiest grease.)


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