For the pre­sent an­ni­versa­ry ex­hi­bi­ti­on Je­wels in the Rhein­gold, a selec­tion has be­en ma­de ac­cor­ding to the prin­ci­ple of the ex­qui­si­te, which ex­clu­des the above works from the part­nerships, but, as a “best-of,” gat­hers ple­nty of high­lights.
The si­de-lit hall of the Kunst­hal­le stands un­der the ra­ther his­to­ri­cal port­ent of the clas­sics, the collection sup­p­lies pri­or to 2002?which ha­ve be­en ac­qui­red from Rainer Speck as a group from the Co­lo­gne collec­tion, and ha­ve ge­ne­rous­ly re­mained in the Rhi­ne­land.
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