With: Athanasios Argianas,Tauba Auerbach, Erica Baum, Lucas Blalock, Miriam Böhm, Carol Bove, Claude Cattelain, Tyler Coburn, John Divola, Simon Dybbroe Møller, Spencer Finch, Jennie C. Jones, Michael DeLucia, Euan MacDonald, Kelly Nipper, Ry Rocklen and Johannes Vogl + Project Room n°11: Joséphine Kaeppelin.
Assembled by American art critic Joanna Fiduccia, CRAC Alsace presents the exhibition Coquilles Mécaniques. Works from fifteen European and American artists, many of whom exhibit for the first time, echo with pieces from American experimental jazz composer Conlon Nancarrow and Paul Valéry’s book L’Homme et la Coquille.
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