Continuing in its investigation into the identity and functions of a contemporary museum, which is one of its principal lines of research, the MAMbo – Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna opens its exhibition spaces to offer a critical approach to the junction between the public dimension of a museum and the intimate one of a private collection, presenting the CARA DOMANI opere dalla collezione Ernesto Esposito from 29th September to 2nd December 2012.
The wide-ranging exhibition, curated by Caroline Corbetta, provides an opportunity to showcase for a wider public a selection of works from the private collection of Ernesto Esposito, the internationally-renowned designer of haute couture shoes, exploring his curious, refined and bold taste with a single scenographic itinerary that offers a sense of the kaleidoscopic vitality of his collection, in which masters of contemporary art maintain a dialogue with emerging artists in a surprising continuity.
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