Launched in 1999, the New York International Latino Film Festival is the premiere showcase of the works of emerging Latino filmmakers. Just one year after ribbing Hollywood’s tendency to stereotype Latinos, marketing communications agency Wing is back with an integrated campaign to broaden the festival’s appeal.

This year, the campaign shows just how formulaic big budget Hollywood movies are by literally illustrating the recipes and tropes used time and time again. How do you make an alien invasion movie? Put a small monster in a big city, let it grow, get a cop to slice it up, add in a hot chick and, voilà, alien invasion movie (and don’t forget to show the alien’s egg in the final scene to spawn the sequel). The campaign was brought to life through a series of print ads (in both Spanish and English), animations for TV and Web, an online game all with the tagline “Some movies are easy to make. Films are a different story.”

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