French Paper Company has been manufacturing paper for more than 140 years in the same community of Niles, Michigan. Its new commerce site not only offers up examples of the best work printed on French paper but new search tools that make it undeniably simple for customers to find, select and specify.

With the greater industry in disarray, there has never been a more important time to tell the story of a small, sixth-generation, family-owned American business that customers can count on.

This new site tells a better story about French’s capabilities. With an ease of navigation and hierarchy and a look-and-feel that aptly reflects the company and the product, it uses extensive illustration and photos to tell the company story. In fact the entire architecture of the site has an illustrated feel to it.

• While much of the e-commerce architecture and product data had been built over the past ten years, it took approximately four months to complete the comprehensive redesign of the site’s look, feel and navigation.

• There’s a browse by color option for customers who aren’t familiar with the French Paper grades.

• Probably the most unusual resource offered is the Free on French images from CSA Images that makes tens of thousands of top quality black-and-white, images available for use by customers printing them on French papers.

• Starting with our number one customer interface, the shipping carton, French Paper Company’s entire brand is being redesigned to emphasize its unwavering consistency in products and paper lines.

• After ensuring the site was running smoothly post-launch, French Paper sent announcements to its email list of 30,000 registered customers. Response has been fantastic and included many tweets, Facebook posts and
emails from customers saying they wanted to buy paper on the spot.

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