Assume the position as:
– Danielle S. Allen discusses punishment, citizenship, and authority with Justin E. H. Smith
– Will Wiles cinches up the history of the straitjacket
– Bernard E. Harcourt explores “free” markets and the carceral state with Eric Anthamatten
– Dusty Keelson-Marr eyes voyeurism and violence
– D. Graham Burnett reads Dante’s Inferno against Dante’s Inferno
– Ines Weizman and Eyal Weizman pull prison texts off the shelf
– Jeffrey Kastner leads a multi-generational conversation about punishment in the home
– The Wardens of Cabinet serve up a deeply unappetizing plate of disciplinary loaf
– Artists Ellen Harvey, Frank Heath, Carl de Keyzer, Lin + Lam, Francesco Simeti, and Javier Téllez present punitive projects  
Then take a seat in the penalty box for:  
– Eden Medina on Stafford Beer’s cybernetic plan for Allende’s Chile
– Kevin McMahon on the history of the voice in cinema
– Ned Beauman on scent as a chemical weapon
– George Prochnik on the hidden history of the tattoo
– Andrew Toland on using the Internet for DIY detective work
– Wayne Koestenbaum on the importance of being Ernest (Borgnine)
– Leland de la Durantaye on the blinding brightness of blond  
– Adam Jasper on the dangers and delectations of fusarium
– Christopher Turner on the orphaned objects of London’s Foundling Museum  
Cabinet is on sale in the US at independent bookstores, Barnes & Noble, Tower, Hudson News, and Universal News.
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