Histórias at the Margins is the first survey exhibition of the work of Adriana Varejão, a leading painter of her generation. Varejão’s work rescues and intertwines many histories, weaving together multiple narratives and references—from art history to religious art, from ceramic tiles to pottery, from China to Brazil, from colonial iconography to the images produced by European travelers and the art of the19th century academy, from the geometrization of architectural space to geometrical abstraction and the modernist grid, from landscapes and seascapes to maps.
One element appears as a leitmotif in this hybrid and polyphonic repertoire: the body, be it ripped, cut, quartered, lacerated, in fragments or in pieces. The body is revealed as the skin and flesh of painting, inhabiting the interiors of architecture and unveiled in its ruins; and, finally, represented as saunas through metonymy.
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