Nike Golf abides by the steadfast philosophy that no two golfers are the same but every golfer is an athlete. This innovative site (and corresponding app) allows golfers to track their rounds, improve their swings and view and implement golf-specific workouts.

Just the beginning of a move into a new era of potential for golfers, NG360 is part of a bigger Nike Golf initiative with a holistic approach to improving golf performance through physical evaluation and training, custom fitting of equipment and digital tracking applications. The essential element is community; it includes a rapidly growing user base as well as Nike Golf’s team of certified golf pros, Swoosh Staff.

• The site was in development for one year.

• The navigation has been whittled down to the core of what golfers need and is divided simply into Game, Swing, Body and Connect.

• Community members can review each other’s golf swings; reviews can include threaded comments and the ability to annotate videos with lines and circles to make comments more helpful.

• The dynamic line drawings over HTML5 video for swing reviews was a neat bit of coding that works well on desktop and iPad.

• A custom tool exists for maintaining the golf course database that fuels the game tracking feature.

• Most of the site’s content is user generated; uploaded content is community moderated with an active admin staff that regularly reviews issues and complaints.

• Duing its first week, the app reached the number one position for Sports apps.

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