Consumers are increasingly accessing brand, product and service information on the go. In response, Jack Daniel’s recently introduced this flexible platform for its branding and social efforts.

The global site promotes deeper engagement with customers through a rich content experience that varies based on whether someone’s on a desktop, tablet or phone. Visitors are welcomed with a scrolling, multimedia timeline of key moments throughout the brand’s 137-year history and content that includes videos, photos, product information, company news and interesting historical facts.

• Nine people were working on the site day-to-day and built it, from concept to launch, in only fifteen weeks.

• The site is built in PHP and the backend CMS is Drupal. A jQuery plugin lazy-loads the images in the timeline so only the images that appear on-screen are loaded, dramatically cutting down on load time.

• The site will be available in 185 countries, initially with 7 different English versions; it will eventually be localized for all major global markets with local market content and translations.

• Through Facebook integration, visitors can Like (so far Jack Daniel’s has received over 5.5 million), comment on and share a lot of the site content, including videos.


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