The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC), a non-profit organization providing sporting, betting entertainment and horse racing, is one of the oldest institutions in the city and one of the largest racing organizations in the world. Horse racing once had a regal atmosphere that matched the magnificence of the animals; like many traditions, however, after several generations, the sport began to lose its appeal and, with increased technology and betting depots scattered around town, the fashionable ritual of going to the track faded. On a mission to reignite the tradition of attending the races, the HKJC looked to Hong Kong’s Marc & Chantal Design to transform its gift-counter into a retail experience that would echo the energy and excitement of the races and, ultimately, attract a new generation of fans.

The brand development encompassed everything from the logo, naming, product design and packaging to the design of the shop interior and mobile retail kiosks. From the power and speed of the horses and the playful hues of racing silks, the foundation of the design was rooted in the high-spiritedness of horse races. Iconic symbols of horses and racing (saddles, bits and horseshoes) are paired with bold new colors and quirky typography in a lighthearted way to create an identity that hints at irreverence, tongue-in-cheek humor, energy and bold contrasts.

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