The purpose of the newly initiated curatorial summer workshop is to provide a context for an intense professional exchange on subjects, which are relevant for curatorial work today. The ambition is to create an intimate setting in which a group of curators can gather to think about, question and further develop ideas for the period of four days.
The topic for the first curatorial summer workshop is ECONOMY. The emphasis lies on the role of an art institution in the context of declining global capitalism. Is there a potential, mainly for smaller and mid-sized visual arts organizations and other agents to introduce not only alternative imaginaries, but also to implement changes in a given situation and its contexts? And, in what way do the current severe cuts in the cultural sector shape the perspective for the structure and societal role of future institutions?
Three speakers, Mark Fisher, Andrea Philliips and Anton Vidokle, will give public lectures at Tensta konsthall, while all participating curators as part of closed sessions at the Royal Institute of Art are presenting statements on their situation and point of view relating to the subject.
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