This immersive site provides background on the fictional company from the film Prometheus. Supplementing the narrative of the Fox film, the site is part of a sophisticated campaign that introduces fans and new audiences to the Project Prometheus story through investor info, product intel, David 8 specs and a company timeline.

In addition to being the narrative linchpin of the entire integrated campaign, the site functions as a hub for all of the content and experiences that live inside of it. It’s an experience that’s bigger than the sum of its parts.

The simplified navigation enables visitors to dive into a deeper well of narrative activities and sub-activities with relative ease. The dropdown interface features a neatly formatted list of content and sections that make it easy to navigate between sites and experiences. The section names are accompanied by icons used internally at Weyland Corporation for easy coding and classification.

• The site was in production for four weeks.

• Developed on a LAMP stack utilizing HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (JQuery) for the front-end, the site was deployed on Amazon AWS and CDN for delivering up assets.

• The JSONP for JQuery plugin was used for user authentication across multiple sites.

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