Works by: Alvin Lucier, Black Dice, Charlemagne Palestine, Edgard Varèse, Erik Satie, Excepter, Fala Mariam, Gavin Bryars, Jandek, John Cage, Le Corbusier, Leon Theremin, Lou Reed, Luigi Russolo, Marcel Duchamp, Maurice Martenot, Olivier Messiaen, Sei Miguel, William Basinski, Yves Klein

Organised in two parts, The New Trade puts in perspective a series of artistic works mainly focused on music, transposed to a museological reality, giving them an exhibitive dimension.
In the first section, which brings together a selection of works starting from the late 19th century, The New Trade physically materialises and exhibits pieces that are part of a history which runs parallel to the one of the artistic production created for the art market and collectors.
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