This British-owned company split from its parent company in 2010; the new brand unites a vast network of labs in cities around the world under one brand. Minneapolis-based Cue created the name, the brand and all collateral materials taking into account that they work across continents. Bringing disparate units together under a central identity enhances Element’s value and makes it more attractive to organizations that may want to join it in the future.

The name describes the company’s unique ability to understand the parts as they relate to a whole, to see both the details and the big picture. Imbued with all the positive equities of the old company, but with a striking expression that differentiates it in the marketplace, the brand promise is conveyed through a simple graphic language and a voice that speaks to a specialized audience of engineers and industry experts while remaining approachable to an outside audience. The new identity is applied to all materials in the company’s labs and offices and ranges from signage to brochures and business cards.

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