On 3 June 2012, IZOLYATSIA opens Partly Cloudy—a photography exhibition, which marks the final stage of the artists-in-residence program for photographers commenced by the foundation in 2011. The series on show—presented in the various warehouses of the IZOLYATSIA territory—are the final products of the research projects conducted by eight artists-in-residence: Richard Ansett, Nuno Barroso, Marina Black, Marco Citron, Homer (Sasha Kurmaz), Flavia Junqueira, Natalia Pavlovskaya, and Alexander Strinadko, during their stay in Donetsk past summer. The artists were asked to reflect on the concept of “partly cloudy” in relation to Donetsk as an ambivalent entity which may be perceived topologically, psychologically, sociologically, politically, aesthetically, anthropologically, etc.
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