The groundbreaking Air Jordan 2012 Flight System has two innersleeves and three midsoles for the custom fit and cushioning required of quick/explosive play. The AJ2012 campaign flies consumers into the world of basketball’s first fully customizable shoe. The immersive experience is built around a sophisticated, parallax-scrolling, HTML5 design and a framework that utilizes the shoe’s components to elegantly demonstrate performance. It’s a seamless experience across mobile and tablet devices.

The target audience of 14- to 24-year-old males required an engaging experience that could be accessed anywhere, but the complexity of the shoe made it difficult to explain to the consumer. This innovative site tells the entire product story with a few scrolls or swipes allowing visitors to dive quickly into different configurations.

Breathtaking and advanced, the animated experience transitions between vehicle graphics and the shoe, which assembles in 3-D space, accompanied by feature-specific callouts, designer interviews and poster downloads. Parallax movement through each section mirrors Fly Over, Fly Around or Fly Through performance themes and, ultimately, visitors can opt to buy the footwear, share on Facebook or tweet to win their favorite shoe set-up.

• The site was in development for five months and roughly 30 people were involved from start to finish.

• In the middle of December the creative team discovered that they couldn’t use any of the Jordan athletes in the campaign: no Melo, CP or DWade. Since concepts were built around the three athletes they had to be reworked in record time to hit the February 25 launch date.

• The entire animation on the site was done with code; recreating the 3-D animations in HTML5 required thousands of images.

• This site led the overall campaign for the AJ2012 which included dynamic banners and interactive takeovers of major websites, social media to support the shoe’s various launches and initiatives through a Twitter hashtag campaign and Facebook integration, a tablet app and custom video content featured at the NBA All-Star Weekend.

• This site has been tweeted and retweeted continually and received roughly one million visitors since its launch.

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