Driven, in part, by the growing international reputations of the Chess Club and Scholastic Center, both in St. Louis, The World Chess Hall of Fame moved to help build on the city’s recent ascension as the US chess capital. The site, integral to the programming and promotion of events and exhibitions at the World Chess Hall of Fame, launched in tandem with the grand opening of the venue in September 2011.

The navigation evokes a sense of play, which drove the animation of the secondary menus, and the ability to “switch sides” on the homepage. The site is broken down into five sections, which drove the chess board structure of the design and established the grid for all pages.

Events and exhibitions are featured prominently throughout the site: on the homepage, events are structured into the site design, and links to current exhibitions are included across multiple site sections. News & Events includes a flexible and detailed custom calendar and News is managed with blogging software that enables easy categorization and archiving.

• The site currently includes features 66 hall of fame inductees, both US and international players, and 3 exhibitions; the site will grow to accommodate an archive of the exhibitions in the coming years.

• Twitter feeds are integrated into the homepage, and Facebook is integrated into event promotion and management.

• The main nav anchors to the top of the browser for ease of use on longer pages.

• The World Chess Hall of Fame wrote the content and populated the site.

• A temporary countdown launched in early July 2011 while the full site was in the works for the institution’s grand opening in September. From July to September, the site received 2,540 unique visitors, and over 10,000 page views. Since the opening of the institution in September, the site has received over 11,000 unique visitors and over 46,000 page views.

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