Not only a resource of information, but a multimedia experience, this redesign unites a community of Taylor players through lifestyle-focused content featuring artists, videos, social channels news and events.

Breaking conventional design standards with a mid-page navigation bar and inviting customers to explore the content before jumping to the main page, the new homepage puts the focus on the features of the guitars. Dropdowns in the primary nav provide shortcuts and create context for secondary content.

The guiding design principal was to help fans find the “right” guitar. Four filters browse by shape, woods, series and category; selecting one filter shows information about how the particular category affects the guitar’s tone, what playing styles it’s suited for and how it looks. Built around visuals, the interface enables visitors to window shop and use the filters to see the relationships between each guitar’s features.

• The site was in production at Taylor for a year before involving Digitaria who completed the development seven months later.

• There are literally hundreds of videos and images, thousands of media elements and more than a dozen photos for each guitar.

• The Taylor Guitars Facebook and blogging platforms were integrated into the site and YouTube and Twitter were added.

• This is the largest Drupal 7 site ever built by Digitaria; it contains more than 110,000 lines of original Drupal code written across 20 custom modules.

• The new site garnered a 67% increase in visitors in the 2 weeks post-launch; there have been 1,300 downloads of the Winter 2012 Wood&Steel publication (offered in 4 languages); and more than 1,000 guitars have been registered online.

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