The new and improved redefines the search experience with the introduction of personalized real-time search. More than a brand experience, it’s a tool that understands and reacts to needs. Reebok
no longer has to guess what people want.

A layer of descriptive metadata is connected to each product or article and when users search, the site shows the primary result and guesses what else might interest the user. Based on searches, Reebok optimizes the site to match individual needs and perceptions (it’s why, when typing in “pod shoes,” a term used by toning enthusiasts, that the search returns toning shoes). Motivated search queries, like “I want to get fit” or “pink running shoes” get real-time results.
And, since all search queries
are saved, the more visitors interact and search, the more
intelligent the website becomes.

• The project took six months from kick-off to launch.

• Even though search is the easiest way for visitors to find what they’re looking for, there’s also an alternative nav for anyone not ready to defy convention.

• A color bar shows exactly where “pink running shoes” appear in the color spectrum.

• The site grid is populated by dynamic blocks of content that rearrange depending on the platform; all platforms utilize the same content blocks but the desktop version is different in layout and nav from the tablet or mobile versions.

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