Austin-based FÖDA Studio created an identity and coordinated it with architectural and operational items for Austin’s newest art film cinema. Asked to reference “golden age of film” deco motifs the design team instead suggested deconstructing a hybrid of Bauhaus, De Stijl, Dadaist and Constructivist precedents. From pixels to plastic, chalkboards to cups, signs to seat backs, the team designed a prototype for what they hope will eventually become a nationwide theater concept.

The tulip logo evolved out of a unique hand-painted pattern for the building’s exterior and was edited later for print and digital use at smaller scales; the reductive wordmark (with a crown composed from the W) set the stage for a series of graphic decisions that range from pragmatism to abstract expressionism. The studio also provided art direction for the user interface of their website, a series of original poster prints for the bathroom corridors and exterior cases, nine specific art pieces for the theater corridor and pragmatic way-finding items like hearing aid access, ADA markings—and even where the recycling goes.

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