Waterborne illnesses are the second leading cause of preventable childhood deaths in the world and kill almost 4,000 children each day. The US Fund for UNICEF draws attention to this crisis and encourages the public to take action. In its sixth year, the award-winning UNICEF Tap Project offers thousands of people across the country the opportunity to help provide the world’s children with safe, clean water. During World Water Week, March 19–25, at participating restaurants, patrons can pay $ 1 for the tap water they usually enjoy free (with $ 1, UNICEF can provide a child with access to clean, safe water for 40 days).

This year’s campaign, by New York agency Droga5, is a twist on WWII propaganda poster art, using bright, vivid illustrations with a “we can do it” feel. The print/online ads, feature the work of illustrator Tavis Coburn; his dynamic graphics are not only inspired, beautiful and poignant, they inspire a movement. As part of the campaign a new PSA (“Power Of A Glass”) by Brent Harris will run on TV and online.
Credits: www.droga5.com
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