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Part of “SALONS: Birthright Palestine?” (March 1-April 21, 2012)

SALON 5 will present a public debate staged as a congressional session amongst the public and previous salon participants on the initiation of Birthright Palestine. Invited debaters, along with the public, will argue all sides of the case and its possible implications.

The debate will be followed by a democratic vote. If the public votes against the creation of a Birthright Palestine, then Public Movement’s Final Action in New York will be canceled.

About “SALONS: Birthright Palestine?”
Organized by Public Movement, “SALONS: Birthright Palestine?” is a series of performative public debates, specifically staged as congressional sessions, summit meetings, visioning sessions, diplomatic consultations, secret gatherings, and demonstrations. Extending the exhibition beyond the museum, each salon takes place in different locations throughout Manhattan.

About Public Movement
Public Movement (founded 2006, Tel Aviv) is a performative research group which investigates and stages political actions in public spaces. In the last five years, Public Movement has explored the regulations, forces, agents, and policies, formations of identity and systems of ritual which govern the dynamics of public life and public space. Public Movement has organized events, rituals, and political situations through consultation and collaboration with scholars, experts, and ongoing group debates and discussions. The Movement was founded in November 2006 by co-leaders Omer Krieger and Dana Yahalomi until August 2011 when Yahalomi assumed sole leadership. Public Movement actions take place in public space and in collaboration with art, theatre, dance, and academic institutions in Israel and abroad.

Sunday, April 15, 2012 | 3:00 PM

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