Afterall is pleased to present issue 29, Spring 2012, which uses the question of circulation to understand economic, artistic, and historical processes. Focusing on the work of artists Moyra Davey, Eugenio Dittborn, Wendelien van Oldenborgh, and Dierk Schmidt; on economic and distribution processes—from networks made by computer goods to that of printed imagery—and on the exhibition ‘Useful Life’, this issue considers the limitations and possibilities for the dissemination of images, ideas, and things.

The work of Dierk Schmidt is perhaps exemplary in this respect, as an investigation of how images circulate within and from media to art (and, possibly, back to media). In one of the essays published in this issue, Lars Bang Larsen untangles Schmidt’s investigations of the ‘screens on which public life is played out’—the layers of event, spin and reaction that comprise history in the making—while, in the other, Christian Höller shows how Schmidt’s history paintings provide a plane where truth claims become negotiable.
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