Founded in 1929, and the largest independent bookstore in Utah, Sam Weller’s bookstore was recently rebranded as Weller Book Works. Salt Lake City-based Super Top Secret not only created the store’s new logo, but its website and a Book Drop to generate awareness and draw attention to Weller’s new location grand opening.

A series of seven book covers each correspond with a book donated by a publisher (specific books and donors are on the Weller site); in total, six publishers donated seven titles. The covers were printed, wrapped around the books like book jackets and dropped in densely populated areas of Salt Lake City on a Sunday at midnight (even the sacred Salt Lake Mormon Temple wasn’t off limits). In total, 878 books were dropped around the Salt Lake Valley. The black badges in the artwork are a call to action—Find it. Read it. Pass it on.—so that the people who found the books knew that they should pick them up (the art is eye catching enough to get people to notice them), keep them, read them and then drop them for someone else to find. Phase I had a small budget, but the cover images will eventually be used for in-store posters, book bags and iPhone wallpapers and screensavers.

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