by Rebecca Bedrossian

“Most people like to see what
they’re going to get before they get it, because it makes them feel
comfortable. So it’s my job to translate it…”

When I saw Sara’s feature front and center on Commarts this morning, I thought back to our meeting last fall and the tasty tidbits that resonated with me.

Food is very much part of the dining experience—not just flavor. “I’d like to be at that table drinking
wine, talking to interesting people.”

When I thumb through Plum Gorgeous, which she photographed for Romney Steele, I think of Sara’s quote: “You want to hide yourself in it and eat your way out.”

Above and beyond her sumptuous photography, I was most impressed with Sara’s drive, straight out of school at, and I think I’m “old” enough to say it, such a young age: “Running the business was more
important to me than learning how to work a camera.

Check out Sara Remington’s photographic translations in the January/February Typography Annual.

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