The audience for this line of vintage cruiser T-shirts is off-road enthusiasts and vintage Land Cruiser lovers. Extremely passionate and vocal about their hobby, the group has very little to choose from in the form of cool apparel and ways to share their hobby with the outside world. Albuquerque, New Mexico-based 3 Advertising created a series of promotional posters that offer unique special care instructions to the wearer. Given to Land Cruiser clubs and as online giveaways through, the humor reflects the risks of traveling through each geographic region and illustrates that the adventure (and danger) that goes into a Land Cruiser outing can also be applied to the use and care of the T-shirts.

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SPECIAL CARE. When washing by hand in the Amazon River, beware of the Candiru. Also known as the Toothpick Fish, it has been known to swim up male genitalia, painfully embedding itself in the urethra, requiring surgery to remove. Shirts for People.

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SPECIAL CARE. When using shirt as a tourniquet, bear in mind that lack of blood flow may result in severe tissue damage and eventual loss of the limb. Immediate medical attention should be sought, rather than continuing your excursion. Shirts for People.

SPECIAL CARE. When stranded in the Sahara Desert, this shirt may be fashioned into a makeshift turban, protecting its wearer from heat and sand. In non-life-threatening situations, this would likely be considered a fashion faux pas. Shirts for People.

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