Minsheng Art Museum proudly presents KADIST: Pathways into a Collection, an exhibition comprising artworks from the Kadist collection. Pathways into a Collection displays gestures of individuality and autonomy in the context of meta-narratives and complex historical processes, being structured in three segments: Bifurcations of meaning, Work work work, and The aftermath.

Bifurcations of meaning
The pieces presented here confront the visitor with the possibility of multiple and mutable meanings of our surroundings, by exploring non-essentialist representations of the ‘self’, where individuals are always ready to be modified by unknown, external, or foreign factors (Fabryce Hybert, Daria Martin and Claire Fontaine); by tackling complex processes of identity along geopolitical fault-lines (Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla, Julio Cesar Morales and Maayan Ruti & Amir Sela); while other works take such plurality of understandings through an interest on how the signifier and signified of a text or image never follow a single meaning (Matthew Buckingham, Martin Creed, Aurélien Froment, Lisa Oppenheim, Mungo Thomson, Mario Garcia Torres).
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