As its tagline, “Good Beer, No Shit.” proclaims, Maryland’s largest brewery is committed to producing world-class craft beer with experimental and limited-edition releases. With simplification and restoration in mind, they recently rolled out new packaging to better reflect Gonzo artist Ralph Steadman’s original work for Flying Dog Brewery. Almost a year in the making, the redesign included crown caps, labels and six-pack carriers.

The project began with a thorough examination of the original, chaotic, intricately-detailed art created for Flying Dog by Steadman—distracting from it would be an injustice. The redesign began with the labels because of their smaller surface area, which required more detail from a regulatory standpoint; from there, Steadman’s art was allowed to run wild on the bigger space of the six-pack carriers. A matte finish stock was chosen over the existing glossy finish, to provide the watercolor paper feel of the original art, and less saturated paper colors preserve more of the textured elements of the originals.
The old caps were bright blue and purple and a fun pop of color, but totally detracted from the art; to complement the packaging, the new caps are gunmetal gray with black lettering and black with silver lettering.

Beginning with the iconographic Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale, the new designs will hit shelves this year.

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