The Bielefeld graphic artist and photographer, Carl Strüwe (1898–1988) counts as one of the pioneers of artistic micro photography. With his complex of works, “Formen des Mikrokosmos” (Forms of the Microcosm, 1926–1959), he participated over time in the photographic styles of the New Sobriety and the New Vision, the New Landscape movement in the USA, as well as the European subjectivists and the experimental photography of the 1950s.
The exhibition at the Bielefelder Kunstverein intends to be retrospective and “anticipation” at the same time. It does not organise its pictures in any art-historical order. Much rather, it takes examples of the artist Strüwe’s work and brings him into a dialogue with the contemporary photographers, Liz Deschenes (*1966, lives and works in New York), Jan Paul Evers (*1982, lives and works in Cologne) and Jochen Lempert (*1958, lives and works in Hamburg).
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