Creative Capital provides integrated financial and advisory support to artists pursuing innovative and adventurous projects. Acting as a catalyst for the development of exceptional and imaginative ideas, we support artists whose work is provocative, timely and relevant; who are deeply engaged with their art forms and demonstrate a rigorous commitment to their craft; who are boldly original and push the boundaries of their genre; and who create work that carries the potential to reshape the cultural landscape. Selected grantees receive up to 50,000 USD in direct support for their project and advisory services valued at more than 40,000 USD.

To be eligible to apply, an artist must be:
• A U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident
• At least 25 years old
• A working artist with at least five years of professional experience
• Not a full-time student
Applicants are invited to attend an in-person or online information session to learn more about the process.
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