This most recent iteration of the California Milk Processor Board’s iconic Got Milk? campaign features some of the same content as previous sites, but with a refreshed perspective and a
hidden level of interactivity.

As a brand, Got Milk? has pretty strong awareness so the site’s main purpose is to inform and educate in a playful way; it delivers the fun and entertaining experience for which the the brand has become known.

There are five principal sections to the site, each with its own content and interactivity. The navigation, built around a spinning milk bottle cap, present on every page, is intuitive and accessible from the start. As visitors navigate, the practical sets turn from one section to the next. Game-like browsing and hidden interactivity encourage visitors to play with elements on each page and discover the functionality.

• The site was on a tight production schedule and launched in four-and-a-half months. A large portion of the time put into this site was for the modeling, texturing and animating the 3D elements—roughly 25 different models.

• Many of the interactive features use the Flash port of the Box2D physics engine, the same engine used for games such as Angry Birds. The robust open-source physics engine allowed the team to do things that would not otherwise have been possible given the project timeframe.

• Since launch, the site’s received 104,400 visitors with an average of 3,700 visitors per day.

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