This regional group of fast-casual Tex-Mex restaurants is built on a combination of fresh food, unique atmosphere and friendly service. Push (Orlando, Florida) created a brand platform, identity and marketing communication tools that convey Tijuana Flats as an un-chain restaurant that feels like a homegrown, unique place, no matter how many locations exist. To ensure that Tijuana Flats is not perceived as an ordinary, mainstream restaurant the creative approach makes people think, laugh and shake their heads.

Although it maintains consistency across locations and positions the company for franchise opportunity, the work for Tijuana Flats has historically been eclectic and almost unbranded thanks to Push’s consistently inconsistent marketing approach. Current projects include a website and menu stylistically based on the crazy sci-fi wall murals that are in all of their restaurants; a “Summer of Free” poster that was part of an annual promotion; and “Slightly Cultish,” a poster for their Flatheads loyalty program. During the seven years that Push has been handling the account for Tijuana Flats, the chain has grown from 17 to 78 restaurants.

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