New York-based Blacklist director Saiman Chow recently completed this spot
for Ray-Ban via Marcel, Paris. “Rare Prints” is an ongoing campaign that highlights the limited edition series that couples colorful new patterns and the original Wayfarer. Artist, LaBoca, illustrated a psychedelic version of a Mondrian-inspired universe that references the product’s pattern and Chow brought the artwork to life with this handmade stop-motion piece.

Based on the Mondrian-styled sunglasses and pacing with a turn-of-the-century, French accordion-like feel, the fifteen-second spot is a visual feast based on a print ad featuring nesting dolls. Loving the concept of the Matryoshka dolls, Chow pushed the concept further with a fun and unique animation with multiple layers comprised of a broad range of materials including clay, yarn, colored paper… and a live chameleon.

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