Dear friends, Happy New Year! If you happen to be in New York, Warsaw, Dakar, Ljubljana, the Hague, Sherbrooke or Milton Keynes this month, we hope to see you at one of the events below.Warmly,
e-flux New Yorke-flux exhibitions space
311 East Broadway
New York, NYBoris Groys introduces a screening of his video works Religion and Medium (2006), and Iconoclastic Delights (2002) from “Thinking in Loop: Three videos on iconoclasm, ritual and immortality” (2008), marking the close of the exhibition Out of town: Andrei Monastyrski & Collective Actions.January 14, 2012, 4–6pm
More heree-flux book co-op at MoMA/PS1Special lecture by Bilal Khbeiz on exile, memory, and mythology.Bilal Khbeiz (1963, Kfarchouba) is a poet, essayist, and journalist.
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