Inspired by literary precedents such as automatic writing, by the resourcefulness of the “bricoleur” making do with what is at hand, and by the openness toward chance that all artistic production under severe constraints must necessarily incorporate, issue 44 of Cabinet features a special section for which a number of distinguished authors and artists produced projects from start to finish within twenty-four hours.

Enjoy the hasty efforts of the following harried contributors:
—Jonathan Ames
—Sandow Birk
—Mary Walling Blackburn
—D. Graham Burnett
—Luca Buvoli
—Tim Davis
—Mariana Castillo Deball
—Elizabeth Demaray
—Jeff Dolven
—Leland de la Durantaye
—Lee Etheredge IV
—Spencer Finch
—Amelie Hastie
—Valerie Hegarty
—Shelley Jackson
—Sally O’Reilly
—Danica Phelps
—George Prochnik
—Frances Richard
—Peter Rostovsky
—David Scher
—Mario Garcia Torres
—Margaret Wertheim
—Tirdad Zolghadr 

Then relax leisurely into the night as:
—James Fergusson chronicles the life of Sir Jack Drummond, vitamin pioneer
—Wayne Koestenbaum speaks for a trio of storied ladies
—Molly Gottstauk inventories the history of self-organization
—Tom McCarthy sketches a literary genealogy of blue
—Mark Dorrian provides perspective on the aerial view
—David Morris recounts the “Schizo-Culture” slugfest of 1975
—Christopher Turner explores the birth of the focus group
—Aura Satz traces the physical forms of sound
—Jonathan Allen exposes the spread of Smurfification in Andalucia
—John Strausbaugh on Jean Shepherd’s hoax 

—Cabinet and the Spanish village of Jubrique exchange heraldic pleasantries


Cabinet is on sale in the US at independent bookstores, Barnes & Noble, Tower, Hudson News, and Universal News.
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