Herbert Pfostl, the New Museum’s buyer, has rounded up his 20 favorite titles of 2011.

1. I Listen to the Wind that Obliterates My Traces: Music in Vernacular Photographs 1880-1955
Edited by Steve Roden

2. Into One-Another
Berlinde De Bruyckere in Dialogue with Cranach and Pasolini
Hirmer Publishers

3. Alfred Jarry: A Pataphysical Life
Alastair Brotchie
MIT Press

4. Pierre Molinier by Pierre Molinier

5. Curious Visions of Modernity: Enchantment, Magic, and the Sacred
David L. Martin
MIT Press

6. Toys of the Avant-Garde
José Lebrero Stals, Juan Bordes, and Carlos Pérez
Hudson Hills Press

7. Decadence: In Morbid Colours: Art and the Idea of Decadence in the Bohemian Lands 1880-1914
Otto M. Urban. Text by Lubo Merhaut, Daniel Vojtech
Artefakt/Arbor Vitae

8. The Perpetual Motion Machine: The Story of an Invention
Paul Scheerbart
Wakefield press

9. Vertical Thoughts: Morton Feldman and the Visual Arts
Irish Museum of Modern Art

10. Miroslav Tich: Form of Truth
Gianfranco Sanguinetti

11. The Hierarchies of Cuckoldry and Bankruptcy
Charles Fourier
Wakefield Press

12. Ruins
Edited by Brian Dillon
MIT Press

13. R.H. Quaytman: Spine
Sternberg Press

14. Redheaded Peckerwood
Christian Patterson
MACK Publishing

15. Harold Strak – Arthropoda
Flip Bool
Van Zoetendaal Gallery

16. Surface Series
Batia Suter
Roma Publications

17. Spomenik
Jan Kempenaers
Roma Publications

18. Fanged Noumena: Collected Writings 1987-2007
Nick Land
Urbanomic / Sequence Press

19. Richard Prince: Collected Writings
Edited by Kristine McKenna
Foggy Notion Books

20. Alina Szapocznikow: Awkward Objects
Edited by Agata Jakubowska
Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

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