This child advocacy center helps children, who’ve been sexually abused, feel safe and empowered during the legal process. At the same time they place a lot of emphasis on educating parents about what to look for to prevent sexual abuse from happening in the first place. Colorado-based TDA_Boulder created this campaign to help people grasp that it’s not always easy to identify pedophiles. It dispels the widespread notion that pedophiles are “strangers with candy” and reminds people that, more often than not, pedophiles are people who have gained trust with families and children. Pedophiles pursue careers that will allow them access to children, they are also often people that parents are least likely to suspect; they may or may not drive vans, wear raincoats and have small mustaches. The ads are running in donated space and were designed to be easily resized to adapt to the unpredictable nature of donated media space that Blue Sky Bridge relies on.

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