Chair of UCLA A.UD, Hitoshi Abe, wanted to communicate how UCLA is different from other architecture schools in that their students not only learn how to design innovative concepts but also develop a solid understanding of how to build and make them a reality.

This new digital presence presents the school as a leading architecture institution with a world-class and influential faculty, program and mission. Not only a daily destination for students and faculty, with its emphasis on UCLA Architecture and Urban Design’s strong involvement in the LA arts community, it’s also important to a broader audience of architecture and design enthusiasts.

First and foremost the content spotlights the impressive faculty members, from the global architecture community, in a logical, grid-based presentation of impressive profiles and portfolios. The overall ease of accessing the variety of content aids in communicating the school’s mission to redefine the architecture and design industry.

• Built in HTML5, the site is accessible across all platforms.

• Other school sites focus primarily on the curriculum while the UCLA A.UD site has a three-tier interface that focuses on its world-renowned faculty, courses, news and events, programs, and student work—each with a revolving presence on the home page.

• New content is posted regularly with a dynamic sort functionality.

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