This organization rewards exceptional leadership each year with a $ 100,000 award; by recognizing high-impact leadership it hopes to inspire young people to make a difference in their communities. The website reaches, engages and informs a media-savvy audience—and international visitors—with a forward-thinking presentation

It’s an incisive, nested site that houses deep, diverse content in a non-traditional user interface. The design and navigation scheme get right to the heart of the McNulty Prize’s impact, while promoting the winners and nominees who contribute the important work that make it possible. Visitors can surf the site through a horizontal scrolling structure, using the top right arrows or the navigation menu to switch left and right between sections.

• The smoothly animated HTML site is lightning fast and boasts dozens of
small, hidden JavaScript features, enabling content to be condensed and
expanded in clean, content-rich page layouts.

• Built with Drupal, the site is administrable by the McNulty staff through the backend.

Communication Arts

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