Gilles Aubry (CH), Sabine Bitter / Helmut Weber (AT/CA), Lía Dansker (AR), Aryo Danusiri (ID), Katja Eydel (D), Frida Hartz (MX), Mag­da­lena Kallenberger / Dorothea Nold (D), Verónica Mastrosimone (AR), Rika Collective (KE), Sandra Schäfer (D), Surabhi Sharma (IN), Sevgi Ortaç (TR), Jens Wenkel / Lagos Film Workshop (NG), Paola Yacoub (LB)In Lagos, the largest Pentecostal church offers room for five times as many believers as the world’s biggest soccer stadium; a very own City of God is emerging on the outskirts of the metropolis. In Beirut, Islamist organi­za­tions are taking charge of re­buil­ding quarters de­stroyed during the war and control the provision of housing. In Rio de Ja­nei­ro, movie theaters are converted into temples, while in Mumbai public spaces temporarily be­come stages for reli­gious theater.
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