Left: Gerhard Nordström, “The Summer Table II,” 1972. ?From the series Summer 1970. Oil on masonite.?Courtesy Lund University Art Collection. Photo: Gunnar Menander.
Right: Francisco Goya, “And it can’t be helped,” ?From The Disasters of War, 1810–1820. ?Courtesy Norrköpings Konstmuseum?. Photo: Helene Toresdotter.

Born in 1925, Gerhard Nordström has taken a clear stand for much of his career against the abuse of power and the destruction of the environment. In his art he depicts in a direct and unavoidable way social injustices and the consequences of consumer society. He made his big public breakthrough in the early 1970s with a suite of paintings entitled Sommaren 1970 (The Summer of 1970), which are now regarded as some of the most important examples of 20th-century Swedish art.

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