This unique, real-time, interactive reality show took the most tool-clueless person in America (Alan), dropped him in the middle of nowhere (alone) and put him through grueling tool challenges. To get out, he had only his Craftsman tools and the advice of the online audience.

Visitors could tune-in live to help him by offering their DIY knowledge through Twitter, Facebook and LiveStream feeds. When not streaming live, the site took on a blog format for tracking Alan’s tool training progress through daily videos, blog posts and nightly live video chats. Visitors were able to interact directly with Alan stranded in the wild, get up-to-the-minute field stats through a rolling ticker, sketch solutions with a sketchpad app and know when Alan really needed help with an updated SCREW*D meter.

For each of its three phases the site was dependent on online community interaction.
Phase 1 was YouTube-based for the auditioning of the main character; Phase 2 was a blog with content modules for posts, archived videos, the tools Alan used and content about the show; and in Phase 3, the main page of the site became a dashboard on which Alan’s drop was streamed live. An embedded Livestream player streamed his wild drop along with a plethora
of social tools, that helped visitors view and
participate in the campaign, organized
into a single dashboard.

• The site took two months to produce, including the user experience design, visual design and technical build. In total, including account, creative, production and technical teams, there were twelve people on the development team.

• A video archive on the site contains all of the unique content generated from the three-month long program. The YouTube embeds are streamed from the Craftsman channel and a custom HMTL5 video player wrapper enables  viewing on iOS devices.

• The optimum experience is viewed with a Flash-player, but there is an HTML degrade that appears when a Flash-incompatible browser is detected.

• The main metric for the campaign was increasing the Facebook likes for Craftsman; two thirds of the way through the program, the project met their objective of an additional 300,000 likes.

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