By its own admission, the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel, Amsterdam, is a terrible place to stay. Its unapologetically poor service and indifference to customers has disappointed tourists for decades. In fact, the Brinker once published a book, the title of which succinctly summed up its defiantly crappy attitude: The Worst Hotel In The World. Still, even the biggest bastards are capable of contrition, and the Brinker is no exception; finally, after more than forty years of client abuse, the Hans Brinker is saying sorry. Sort of. In this poster series, by Amsterdam-based agency KesselsKramer, the Brinker admits its crimes and apologizes for being very good at being very bad. Some might say that this apology is a little late, to which the Brinker might respond, “Better late than never.” or “You don’t like it? Get out.”

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