A specific new campaign, by Colorado-based TDA_Boulder departs from FirstBank’s long-running brand advertising built around saving. Focusing on easily-obtained mortgages, (a product little advertised in the current economy) it includes TV, transit, print, outdoor and online. The lending campaign targets three audiences, first-time home buyers, experienced home buyers and real estate investors, with minimum household incomes of $ 70K, $ 90K and $ 110K. Newspaper ads running in the Denver Post take a jab at the industry’s confusing jargon; a site-specific transit ad, posted on the sides of 30 glass-paneled bus shelters in urban Colorado, is a hand-lettered For Sale sign that pokes fun at real estate advertising;  and “Stress,” a 30-second TV spot opens with a harried home buyer and the voiceover “From time to time the process of obtaining a mortgage can be somewhat stressful.”
Credits: tdaboulder.com
| efirstbank.com/mortgage

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