Founded by Cary Caster, 21 Drops is a modern line of natural, pre-blended essential oils to help tackle everyday concerns. Created to counteract the effects of thoroughly busy lives the compounds have been meticulously formulated, tested and calibrated to address 21 of the things that plague people most. With an easy roller-ball applicator and a convenient durable case, each blend is designed for use anytime, anywhere.

New York-based Purpose-Built created a package that would help build a brand, not just decorate a box. With a focus on three design principles—accessible, contemporary, authentic—the packaging defines the brand. Every 21 Drops mixture is stamped with a date of blending and given an identifying lot number that can be traced back to a catalog of raw materials. To ensure that it arrives safely the oils are packaged in an ultra-convenient delivery system: an airtight, leak-free, roller-top glass bottle inside a box composed of recycled, sourced-in-the-US Kraft paper.

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