by Rebecca Bedrossian

We announced the winners of our 52nd Advertising Competition this week. One of the largest categories is Integrated Campaigns. It’s not surprise that it’s growing—definitive boundaries of media and industries continue to blur. Mike Caguin, juror, commented: “A lot of the work I saw and am seeing every day is more of what
I’d classify as a PR stunt or event that is promoted through social channels.
Nothing is just one ad any more. It’s all connected and thanks to new
technologies every week, campaigns will only become more complex, interesting
and difficult to judge.”

Technology is getting faster, accessing information is instant and
our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter,” added Helen Pak. “It makes for a challenging
yet exciting time in advertising. The consumer is at the center of advertising,
now more than ever with more power than ever before. Connecting to the consumer
with content and conversation are key, regardless of medium. Being memorable
and remaining memorable is increasingly difficult in this changing landscape
and that is our biggest challenge.”

Check out the award-winning campaigns that made it into this year’s Advertising Annual. 

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