by Rebecca Bedrossian

At the moment, we’re on press for the Nov/Dec Ad Annual, I’m knee deep in our Jan/Feb Type Annual, and March/April is assigned. Most of my time is devoted to what’s ahead, so it was delightful reminder of what is “now” to see the Olaf Veltman feature on commarts this morning. Tiffany Meyers profiled the Dutch photographer for our Sept/Oct Design Annual and, as always, captured the essence of his work:

Everything you need to know happens in the sky. His compositions—low horizon lines that shoulder massive skies, within
which the clouds act out dramas—spring from the same vein as Dutch
landscape painting of the Golden Age…a sense of intensity—and maybe
it’s sublimated spirituality—emerges in the skies…

Unfortunately, not everything makes it into the article, such as this tasty insight from Noel Haan that illuminates another layer of Olaf’s work: Yes, Veltman’s landscapes are immense and grand in a jaw-droppy sort of way. But creative director Noel Haan, who’s worked with Veltman and is a photographer himself, sees an additional dimension in all the expansiveness. “There’s another thing about Olaf, which is humor. He shoots in such a way that there’s a stillness. In that stillness, there’s a bit of humor.

Don’t miss the story of this “cloud painter.”

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