In 1323 BC the most famous pharaoh in history took more than 3,000 personal treasures into his tomb. This new campaign by Carmichael Lynch for National Geographic’s “Tutankhamun: The Golden King and The Great Pharaohs” exhibition asks people, “What would you bring to the afterlife?” Based on the concept of documenting how difficult it could be to make that choice, the question is answered by “collectors” from this century and hilariously documents them in the process of deciding and presents their offbeat choices. The campaign includes “Everything” and this series of print ads.

copy (from top):
Afterlife List
Johnny R. Long / Incessant Tinkerer
1. Cordless drill; 2. Bandsaw; 3. Clamps; 4. Bolted-down vice; 5. Allen wrenches; 6. Extension cords; 7. Favorite hammer (16oz ball-peen); 8. Large, flat table; 9. Router neighbor borrowed; 10. Tape; 11. Tape measure; 12. My grandfather’s watch; 13. Safety glasses; 14. Heavy-duty soap; 15. Box of Sharpies; 16. A good ruler; 17. Belt sander (knuckle grinder); 18. Antlers from my first buck; 19. Lots of batteries; 20. Shop-Vac; 21. Baby food jars for small nails; 22. Screw driver; 23. Never-ending supply of broken things.

Afterlife List
Lord Andrew Fairfax / Medieval Re-enactor
1. My first longbow; 2. Norman helmet; 3. Engraved breastplate; 4. Miniature knight (from my father); 5. Anvil to repair armor; 6. My shield of Persus; 7. Assorted daggers—A. Mercygiver, B. Ear dagger, C. Poinard; 8. Chain mail gauntlets; 9. First edition copy of Beowulf; 10. Mead (home made); 11. Lochaber axe; 12. Quest for Excalibur (video game); 13. Pairs of comfortable boots; 14. Battle mix CD; 15. Lute—I’m learning; 16. Sword of destiny; 17. Tall boots with fringe; 18. Barrel for bathing; 19. War hammer; 20. Coat of Arms; 21. Damsel in distress.

Afterlife List
Dr. Franklin Ruehl / Conspiracy Theorist / Cryptozoologist
1. My cowboy hat; 2. Science fiction movies; 3. VCR and back-up VCR; 4. Newspaper clippings (dating back to 1952); 5. My 3-piece brown suit; 6. Dinosaur models from my youth—A. Two-headed T. Rex, B. Triceratops, C. Apatosaurus, D. Pterosaurus (flying dinosaur); 7. UFO photos; 8. Cat calendars; 9. Books on: A. Physics, B. Wormholes in the Universe, C. Dating; 10. My Loch Ness research; 11. Instant coffee; 12. Polaroid camera; 13. Internet connection; 14. Plastic bags; 15. Five pairs of glasses; 16. Geiger counter; 17. Birth certificate; 18. A bigger apartment.

copy for all:
You know what you’d bring. Come see what the most famous pharaoh in history took to the afterlife. King Tut. An exhibit by National Geographic.

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